Samsung 46″ Class (45.9″ Diag.) LED 6900 Series Smart TV


Smart TV with Web Connected Apps
Expanded web options with Smart TV
Samsung Smart TVs allow you to easily search for movies, TV shows, explore Samsung apps, chat with friends and find many other types of new interactive TV content. Samsung Apps is a growing collection of premium apps specifically built for your TV that connects you to your favorite digital content such as movies from Netflix or Blockbuster, TV shows from Hulu Plus, videos from YouTube, Next Level sports information from ESPN, Music from Pandora, and social updates from Facebook or Twitter. Samsung’s Smart TVs also include a Search All feature so you can find videos via apps or other connected devices and a recommendation engine which suggests movies you might like from your Video-On-Demand services. Samsung Smart TVs allow your digital experiences to converge on a brilliant HD screen.
Experience the Wonder of 3D TV

3D TVs add new depth and dimension to create larger-than-life experiences. 3D Active Glasses sync up with the 3D TV to produce 3D images that virtually leap off the screen. Samsung 3D TVs also offer a unique feature that allows you to intensify your 2D viewing by upconverting 2D content to a near 3D like experience.*

* Full 3D experience requires 3D-native content; conventional 2D content   can also be upconverted to near-3D image quality.

Great 2D Full HD Picture Quality
See the difference that 1920 x 1080 – the highest resolution available – makes in your viewing experience. A breathtakingly realistic picture that’s bright, bold and visually stunning.
Virtually Edgeless Picture
Virtually Edgeless Picture

Take TV to the edge with an incredibly slim 0.5″ bezel that creates a virtually edgeless picture. In addition to a pencil-thin framed border, the Samsung LED 6900 TV is a mere 1.2” deep which makes mounting the TV almost as easy as hanging a picture on your wall. If you choose not to mount your TV, the picture will float above the stylish swivel stand which can rotate to better suit your viewing angle. The Samsung LED 6900 pushes the limits of design and performance to give you a truly immersive viewing experience.

Micro Dimming
Micro Dimming
TVs typically treat their light source as a single light even though there may be many bulbs making up that light. While most TVs can vary the brightness (making dark scenes darker and bright scenes brighter), they treat the whole scene to the same light. As a result, a bright object in a dark scene (a candle in a dark room) is dimmed to make the room dark, or a dark object in a bright scene (an action hero silhouetted against an explosion) is grayer than it should be to make the scene bright. With the advent of LED TVs, this was no longer a limitation of TV. LED light sources can be placed behind the panel and used to light only a specific region. With many of these LEDs behind the panel, bright areas get the light they need and dark areas stay dark. This is a process commonly called “Local Dimming”. However, Local Dimming poses other problems: the TV must be thicker and more LEDs are needed making the set more expensive and less energy efficient. Samsung has found a way to create the contrast improvements offered by Local Dimming without sacrificing the TVs depth, design, energy efficiency or price. This innovative technology is called Micro Dimming. It uses software to analyze the picture, break it up into many squares, and adjust the panel to account for darker and brighter areas. With Micro Dimming, LED TVs can be ultra slim, stylish and energy efficient while producing incredible contrast and picture quality.
Skype on a Samsung TV
Skype on a Samsung TV
Skype™ on Samsung TVs lets you make video calls from the comfort of your living room. Using the TVs’ remote control, you can create free Skype accounts, log into their existing accounts and navigate via a simple Skype interface accessible on the televisions’ screen. Do a better job staying in touch with friends and family almost anywhere in the world. Calls to other Skype users are often free. Skype camera kit sold separately.
Built-in WiFi
Built-in WiFi
With built-in WiFi on your Samsung LED Series 6900 TV, no additional equipment is needed to connect with an existing wireless router in your home network and start accessing Samsung Apps or other Smart TV features. If you do not have a wireless router at home, Samsung’s wireless router (sold separately) provides unique connectivity options tailored to make working with your TV as easy as possible.
AllShare™ DLNA® Technology
Samsung’s AllShare lets you sync up many of your DLNA-enabled digital devices so you can access music, movies and photos right on your Samsung TV screen. Files on your PC, camera and mobile devices can wirelessly and effortlessly be available right on your TV.

*Samsung LinkStick required for wireless access.

ConnectShare™ Movie

ConnectShare Movie lets you watch videos, play music or view photos from a USB drive. Simply plug your USB directly into your Samsung TV’s USB port and watch on the big screen with friends and family.
Ultra Clear Panel
Clear picture with Ultra Clear Panel
Ultra Clear Panel absorbs ambient light and virtually eliminates reflections so there are no distractions in your viewing experience. Experience deeper blacks and enhanced contrast for crisper images and excellent shadow detail on your Samsung LED.
Wide Color Enhancer Plus
Vibrant picture with Wide Color Enhancer Plus
Wide Color Enhancer Plus allows you to see picture color the way the director originally intended. Witness the entire RGB spectrum brought to life on your screen to bring you exceptionally vibrant, yet natural-looking images faithful to the director’s original intent.
Eco Sensor
Automatic lighting calibration with    Eco Sensor
Our unique Eco light sensor measures the intensity of the room’s light and automatically calibrates the brightness of the image on the screen. In a sun-filled environment, the screen gets brighter and in dim surroundings, the intensity is reduced. This feature optimizes the viewing experience while also saving you a little energy.
Swivel Stand
A Swivel (Quad) Stand for  Comfortable Viewing
Set up your Samsung TV perfectly with the built-in swivel stand. Samsung Swivel stands allow you to turn your TV around 10 degrees to the left or right to ensure you have a direct view of the TV no matter where you are sitting in the room.
Go green and save the planet with a Samsung TV. All Samsung TVs not only meet ENERGY STAR requirements; they exceed them. This means:

• More energy savings
• Lower utility bills
• Leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the environment

Take all your remotes and condense them into one simplified solution. With Samsung’s Anynet+ you’ll enjoy one-touch control for all your HDMI-connected compatible devices like your Samsung TV, Blu-ray Disc player, AV Receiver and Home Theater.
With HDMI, you can easily connect up to four compatible AV devices at the same time and replace AV cables with a single solution. An HDMI cable can replace anywhere from two to five cables so you can de-clutter your entertainment space with fewer wires.
The Qwerty Remote puts functionality in your hands like never before. One side of the remote has standard remote functionality and the other side has a qwerty keyboard that makes utilizing Samsung Smart TV features very easy. When you are ready to search, type or explore, you flip the remote to the keyboard side and you can enter in text in a quick & familiar way. On the qwerty keyboard side of the remote is a screen so you can see what you are typing without having to look at the TV.
Clear Motion Rate 600

Clear Motion Rate (CMR) is Samsung’s more comprehensive and accurate measure for how well an LCD or LED TV can display fast-moving images. Previously, motion clarity was expressed simply by the refresh rate, measured in Hz. CMR, however, takes into account all three factors that contribute to motion clarity: panel refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology. CMR is measured by determining the thinnest line a TV can display in a moving image. The thinner the line, the higher the CMR rating, and the clearer the picture you’ll enjoy on the screen.
Click here to learn more about Clear Motion Rate.

Product Specifications


  • 6900 Series

  • LED TV
  • Grey Cabinet Color
  • Comes With Swivel Stand

  • 45.9″ Screen Measured Diagonally
  • 1,920 x 1,080 Native Resolution
  • 10,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Clear Motion Rate 600
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio

  • SRS TheaterSound®
  • 10 Watts x 2 Audio Channels
  • Built-in Bottom Speakers

  • Smart TV with Samsung Apps
  • 3D Enabled
  • AllShare™ DLNA Networking
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus
  • Ultra Clear Panel
  • ConnectShare™ Movie
  • Eco Sensor
  • Skype™
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Anynet+™ (HDMI-CEC)
  • Auto Channel Search
  • Auto Power Off
  • Auto Volume Leveler
  • Clock & On/Off Timer
  • Closed Captioning
  • HDTV Tuner Built-in
  • Sleep Timer
  • V-Chip
  • Micro Dimming
  • QWERTY Remote
Inputs & Outputs

  • 4 HDMI Inputs (Rear)
  • 1 Component Input
  • 2 (1 shared with component)
  • 1 PC Input (D-sub)
  • 1 PC Audio Input (Mini Jack)
  • 1 Ethernet
  • 3 USB 2.0 Ports
  • 1 Optical Digital Audio Output
  • 1 Audio Output (Mini Jack)
  • 1 (Common Use for PC Audio In)

  • 1.2″ Depth
  • 41.7″ (W) x 24.3″ (H) x 1.2″ (D) Without Stand
  • 41.7″ (W) x 26.8″ (H) x 10.8″ (D) With Stand
  • Shipping Dimensions: 52.4″ (W) x 29.1″ (H) x 5.5″ (D)

  • 26.2 lbs. Without Stand
  • 35.5 lbs. With stand
  • Shipping Weight: 41.2 lbs.

  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR Standards
  • Energy Guide Label

  • ATSC/Clear QAM Tuners

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  1. Hello Jubair,
    I know what you mean Most people are confused about the difference between LED TVS and LCD TVS. Simply put an LED Tele is in truth an LCD television consisting of an additional technology. LEDs are light emitting diodes that happens to be an operable source of light and while during the past alternative approaches for lighting the LCD screen were used along the lines of fluorescent tubes, now the LEDs are employed to light up the LCD monitor.
    A large number of completely new LED TV ranges have already been produced in the market recently. Samsung has introduced tremendously slimline models which are almost certainly below 1 inche in thickness, Sony has unveiled an individually controlled LED panel and that is backlit, Toshiba’s has delivered out innovative LED backlit system with 240 KHz display panel, LG has leaped amazingly in with 240 KHz TruMotion LED backlit TV range. Sharp has in addition introduced an Ultra Bright LED system.

    Several manufacturers also have numerous environmentally friendly and electricity saving mechanisms to these LED, so this may possibly result in your power bills and carbon footprints getting lessened.

    Keep up the posts!