Crossing over to the 3D Realm and Owning Our World

I had recently been thinking about some of the reasons why I wanted a 3D TV in the first place. Back in the day, I would daydream about being caught in the substance of my favorite movies and playing video games that would extend into my living room. I wanted to throw on a pair of 3D glasses and bask in the story of a fictional world – not just to watch a movie, but to live it. This is the reason why most people purchase 3D TV’s today and it’s why I did a few months ago.

However, as time progressed, my expectations weren’t being met in the way that I hoped they would. Not because of the 3D TV (the technology is fantastic), but because the world wasn’t ready for 3D yet. I wanted everything that I loved about films and video games to cross over to my new 3D realm. Was I perhaps too far ahead of the game? Maybe the game hadn’t even started yet and I was still just warming up.

Although I do enjoy the amazing experience of being able to watch the 3D films that are currently available, I can’t help but want the rest of the world to join me. You see, the element that makes a 3D TV so enticing is not necessarily the idea of embracing new technology, but rather the idea of today’s entertainment becoming absorbed by the 3D realm. We want to watch the movies and beat the games we’ve already played through on a different platform. The three-dimensional platform.

While some films have managed to cross over, the strong majority of today’s DVD’s are not yet compatible with 3D technology. Herein lies the problem: the rest of the world needs to catch up.

Don’t get me wrong – I personally believe there is already enough incentive to buy a 3D TV now, but I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I can’t wait until my options widen. We already have the technology, so now it’s time to adapt. Producers are currently working tirelessly in an effort to make all DVD’s and Blue-ray Discs 3D-friendly and soon, a new era of entertainment will commence.

Video game technology is also well on its way to crossing over to the 3D realm. There’s no telling when we’ll have virtual lasers and grenades flying past our heads, but there’s absolutely no doubt that it is going to happen.

So while you may be longing to explore the full potential of your new 3D TV, or are perhaps considering the opportunity of owning one in the future, don’t be so quick to become let down by the slow pace of things. Not only does developing new technology take time, but so does adapting to new technology. Eventually, everything else will learn to catch up and we will soon find ourselves owning our world.

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