3D TV- The Magic !

Why buy 3d TV?

This was the question that echoed in my mind from the time my wife Jean and I stepped into my friend Frankie’s living room in Denver, three months ago. The 52 inch giant Samsung TV that was sitting there would have cost him almost a clean US $ 22,000/ and how Frankie can afford it?

Later, over a can of bear he told me the 3d has made a hole in his budget. “But, its worth all the sacrifices!” he said.

After a couple of hours when we were leaving Frankie’s place I got the answer to my question. Our families meet once or twice a year after we left college and got married. All these years I and Jean had had felt sorry for his poor wife Kate. We have wondered many a time how she was putting on with him. He was a quiet, withdrawn person, always in another world, even among friends. Kate said after the 3d TV arrived there was a complete change in Frankie. He began to be happy and enjoy life.

Anyway, there is some thing with the mysterious 3d TV magic.

3d TVs saw a great revival in sales in 2010. In 2011 the market is flourishing. The arrival of glass free TV has helped in sales. Many found the heavy glasses that depend on the signal from IR transmitters that sit on top of the TV. The price of the glasses also made an impact on the sales of 3d TVs. They come with a price tag of $ 150 to 175.

2011 was a hot year for 3d TVs and 3d TV discussions; with all giant electronic manufacturers from China to South Korea launching their own different 3d TV series, more and more sets with advanced features began to appear in store windows. Next on line is 3d TVs with web interface which will allow you to scroll back and forth in the TV to hunt for program of your choice.

Analysts predict in spite of the high price, the 3d TV sales are going to explode with predicted 9,000 million unit to be sold out by 2014.  Introduction of compatible 3d movies, sporting events, live shows and games are attracting skeptical 3d buyers.

In June 2011 it was announced that BBC will have a live telecast of men’s and ladies’ matches of Wimbledon Tennis 2011 Finals.

In a recent 3d TV discussion several very interesting facts were revealed-

Mitsubishi has decided to give priority to the development of 70 to 90 inches 3d TV screens in future.

Samsung has captured 40 % of US 3d TV market in the first half of year 2011. No wonder, when they have stunned the market with a range of 19 different 3d TV models and throw a tough challenge to other manufacturers.

A recent survey conducted in USA by Digital Entertainment Group has indicated a great potential for 3d TV in US because large number of people has shown more positive interest in 3d TV than ever before.

Finally with the stunning models and more good features of 3d TV has proven it is here to stay, for ever. Which brings to mind the words of Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief of DreamWorks Animation, how he described 3d TV; “This is the greatest innovation that happened for movie industry since color pictures”

By the way, if you happen to be Nashville and pass by my house in Brentwood, TN, don’t be surprised when you see the Toshiba 55” that has taken the centre place. And don’t ask me why 3d TV?

The screen is alive; in front you are relaxed with a bowl of pop corn in your lap; your wife by your side…..

Man, you have to experience it…  It’s simply magic.

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