Epson EH-TW4400 Projector

A Beamer is a home cinema projection unit and the Epson EH Projector is rapidly replacing outdated DLP technology to catch up with LCD systems which are virtually in every home these days. To benefit fully from this new LCD technology, the Epson EH TW4400 projector is an essential, if not vital part of these new and technologically advanced systems.

Epson have eliminated the problems of old with this new Projector which, although appears to be rather cumbersome and only comes in white, it does however, do all it claims to do and tests have proved it provides loads more detail in the images it projects even in darker scenes that are normally difficult to see on the old style systems. Television viewing via this projector is as good as going to the cinema.

Epson have done some serious research on this model and have come up with a projector that gives an image with absolutely no blurring or jerkiness, the image is smooth and flawless making viewing a real pleasure. With the high definition quality so well sorted out, the Epson EH – TW4400 Projector provides a few extra features like its 1-2 1 zoom lens, with its manual lever application which permit the user to place the projector wherever they chose to put it the room too which can be useful at times.

This projector has lots of ports for HDMI and Component video, S-Video and Composite video connections together with Component video and lots of in and out sockets which are extremely handy. Surprisingly it offers a RS232 port and a Trigger. It is definitely a ‘must investigate’ investment for the serious minded technologically advanced film buff, who takes viewing movies at home seriously. With the advent of these projectors this has become a real pleasure.

Although this is one of the top of the range models, the Epson EH-TW4400 Projector is a purchase that is well worth considering.  You have to take into account that everything it promises to do, actually happens. It is just unfortunate that Epson did not take into consideration its look, as it is not the prettiest projector on the market but it is one that does the job, and it does it very well. You will have no regrets when you install this Projector in your home, knowing that the whole family will be able to enjoy watching shows, movies and television entertainment in general. The Epson EH-TW4400 Projector is a definite worthwhile investment in today’s technology.

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