Sony Announces New PlayStation 3D TV

At E3 2011 gaming expo, Sony has announced the launch of a new 24-inch PlayStation 3D TV which will come with a price tag of $499. You can’t have a 3D gaming experience by simply buying a 3D TV. You will have to spend some extra money for buying 3D glasses and game titles separately. Fortunately, Sony will provide a six foot HDMI cable, a couple of 3D glasses and a copy of the 3D game “Resistance 3” bundled along with the 24-inch 3D TV at no extra cost. These 3D glasses alone will cost you $69 if you wish to buy them separately. So, it can be said that Sony has aimed this 3D TV at the customers having limited budged.

Even though price would sound appealing to many customers, it is not the main selling point of this 3D TV. Sony has claimed that this 3D TV will allow two players to play a game without any split screen. Both players will be able see the different visuals or images on the same display through their respective 3D glasses. This will works by splitting the 3D signal which consists of two images. It will allow one 3D glasses to see what right eye would usually see and other 3D glasses to see what left eye would usually see, thereby creating two separate screens on same display. Unfortunately, this means you will not get a real 3D experience in two player mode as real 3D is consist of two images.

With screen size of 24 inches, this 3D TV will not be able to replace the TV in your living room but it can certainly prove to be a great addition. It is also an ideal TV for your bed room which will allow you to not only see TV shows and movies (including 3D ones) but will also allow you to play 3D games. College students and individuals living with roommates will also find it appealing. After all, with Sony releasing more than 100 game title by next year, they are perfectly backing it up with the launch of a budget friendly 3D TV which most people can afford. Sony is aiming to get youngsters and mainstream gamers into 3D gaming by launching this 3D TV.

Even though 3D gaming seems to have a great scope in near future, it is quite unpopular among the mainstream gamers at present. Furthermore, 3D TVs are very less sold as a replacement of conventional TVs for home and office use. They are even less popular than TVs with features like internet connectivity which are themselves unpopular in U.S. and other developed countries. Sony and many other brands hope to overcome this resistance among the consumers towards the 3D technology. This new PlayStation 3D TV seems to one of the steps to overcome this resistance. Nevertheless, many people find playing 3D games and watching 3D movies quite enjoyable and will consider buying this PlayStation 3D TV.

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