3D Technology in Entertainment

3D technology fifty years ago was a distant fantasy. If were to talk about viewing a baseball game in 3D on your television set, they would consider you delirious if not crazy. Basically, most of the technology that is common place today: cell phones, I-pads, would have been considered ludicrous back then.

3D technology has found its place in modern society more so in the entertainment industry. Films, television shows and games have gone 3D. The blockbuster animated film, James Cameron’s” Avatar.” made its worldwide premier in 3D. This thrilled audiences and since then almost all the films released subsequently have been released in 3D.

With the steady advances in television technology, 3D television is a marvel that has dazzles as much as it fascinates. However, to get the maximum 3D viewing experience you have to adjust either by purchasing a 3D television or buying 3D viewing glasses.

3D technology works in a specific way. Your eye works in specific way when you look at an object and interpret the image as 3D. A process called stereoscopy. 3D technology works on this principle. You can use special viewing glasses or none at all in order to view a 3D movie.

What happens in the case of the viewing eye glasses is that there are special lenses which filter the images entering each eye. The images are then reconciled to form a 3D image. Examples of these glasses include the anaglyph ( the red and cyan glasses dubbed” 3D glasses” in the fifties), polarization glasses, alternative-frame sequencing lenses and head mounted displays.

Auto-stereoscopy (auto-3D) refers to the technology that refers to a technique of displaying stereoscopic or 3D images without the use of specialized equipment. This method is incorporated in 3D televisions and it allows you view programmes without using cumbersome glasses. Philips and Panasonic have pioneered auto-3D television.

The gaming world has a good reason to be jolly. With the advent of auto-3D television, gaming has come “alive” in our living rooms. NVIDIAtm has created 3D graphics cards that made the 2D gaming experience into a 3D dream come true. SONY tm PS3tm has used these graphics cards which in turn provide a unique gaming experience.

3D technology has revolutionised life as we know it. Consequently, pundits have dubbed it as the wave of the future. Consumers are encouraged to think about if not to buy 3D T.Vs, since the broadcasting stations are ever changing. In my view, adapting to these changes as they happen is more convenient for all the parties involved: the television viewers and stations. Signal encoding for 3D television is different from the2D HDTV and SDTV format.

Cell phones companies too have not been left behind in 3D revolution. An example is LG.  LG has created the LG Optimus cell phone that has 3D user interface that allows you to shoot videos in 3D and watch YouTube videos in 3D.

Overall, 3D technology has in essence dominated today’s entertainment industry. 3D television is an engineering marvel of 21st century worth watching out for.

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