The Top 3D Games

There are several games that have been released in 3D version and it is therefore very difficult to tell just which ones may be the best. However there are certain criteria that can be used to gauge just which ones are most enjoyed by the fans worldwide. One of the criteria that you can use to judge just which games are the best is by looking at which ones are the highest selling or which ones have been played more than the others. It is with such criteria that you are easily going to come up with the best games.

One of the top games currently is Beowulf. This game is believed to be very interesting and playing it on 3D makes it even much better. Both critics and fans admit that the 3D technology gives the game that much needed excitement as the features that are available for you are just amazing. In the game you will get the feel of bashing down the enemies with much graphic detail being displayed. The next game that you should look out for is the prince of Persia. If you enjoyed playing this game in the normal version, then you are going to have a great time playing the same game in 3D. The adventures of this handsome prince will come alive to you and you will simply feel like you are that prince of Persia.

Watching the Lord of the rings in a 3D TV is great, but having the opportunity to play the game is something very different. The action packed game is sure to take your breath away as the vivid graphics are displayed. The thrills that you will get from every swing of the sword, to every huddle that you manage to get through, is just awesome. If there is a game that you need to get your hands on now, then it’s probably the Lord of the rings. If horror is your fantasy, then you should probably try getting the latest version of resident evil. This game has been developed in such a way that you will enjoy every move that you make and feel the reality of the moves that you make.

Avatar was probably one of the most interesting movies to watch on a 3D TV, the game is also believed to be without a doubt one of the most enjoyable to play. If you enjoyed avatar the movie, then you should get your hands on this game and prepare to become an avatar yourself. The most played game today is probably Batman Arkham Asylum. This game has taken the whole world by storm and doing very well in terms of sale volumes. The game is pretty interesting no matter what age bracket you may fall in and therefore you should not worry much about if it will keep you entertained. In summary, 3D TV is great but 3D games are so much better than you may actually know, you should definitely get your hands on one or more of the above mentioned games just to prove that fact.

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