Rapid Progression – Can You Keep Up?

I felt inclined to talk about how fast things are moving along in the world of technology. Some of us feel overwhelmed, others are basking in the heat. Either way, there are a few things worth considering.

I found some interesting news pertaining to further development of 3D TV technology. One of the major problems with owning a 3D TV is how it can sometimes be hard having guests over for a movie, mainly because there isn’t always enough 3D glasses to go around. Luckily, we’re looking at an upcoming solution.

To quote exactly from my source:

“Nissho Electronics in Japan is beginning sales of a 52-inch LCD panel that can pump out full 1080p of 3D vision without requiring any headgear from the viewer.”

So, what does this mean for people who already own 3D TV’s? Well, it comes as good news and bad news.

The bad news is that if we’re looking to get the best experience possible, then we may have to consider spending more money. Perhaps dreadful to some of us, but then again, that’s usually how it goes when it comes to electronics.

The good news, however, is that this means the 3D universe is continuing to improve. The fact that we’ve already found a way to chuck the headgear is a clear indication of momentum. I think this type of rapid progression holds some promise in terms of how soon we’ll be able to watch any movie we want in 3D quality.

We’ve been experiencing advancements in technology like this a lot over the years – new smartphone models coming out over short periods of time, computer interfaces becoming obsolete within months – all kinds of fast-paced progression. Sometimes it can become a little exhausting, not just for us, but also for our wallets. This is why it is crucial that we are educating ourselves on what’s out there.

Before you drop a bucket load of money on a new product, take some time to consider a few factors:

What is the genre of the product and how does that genre relate to supply and demand?

Is the popularity of the product going to compromise its long-term value? Usually when a certain piece of technology is hot, developers will push harder and harder to keep coming out with new upgrades and models. These types of expansions keep their customer base interested, which inevitably drives up sales.

Can you keep up with such momentum?

Do you even want to?

Not everyone sees an upgrade as an opportunity. People want to know that they’re making an efficient decision when buying something. How would you feel if you bought a brand new 3D TV and found out that various improvements had been recently implemented into a newer model? You may feel cheated, you may feel inclined to upgrade, or you may not even care at all.

Either way, there’s no denying that familiarizing yourself with the way technology is advancing can be extremely beneficial. Even if you’re not bothered by the fact that your hardware could become obsolete within a few months, it’s still not fun realizing that you could have known that beforehand.

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