From Tube TV to HD TV

If you still own a huge and bulky tube TV in your living room, hold on to it because that is part of a rare breed of TVs that are about to go instinct in the next coming years.
People seldom buy tube TVs nowadays due to many reasons. Being heavy and big, this TV occupied a lot of space on the TV stand. You can’t have it wall mounted unless you come up with a really strong and sturdy mounting bracket. Another downside is the limited screen size and projectable resolution. The biggest sizes that you would normally see in tube TVs is 27 inches and under. Most tube TVs today are not capable of displaying high definition signal sources. Furthermore, the external connectivity are very limited as well. For instance, it’s seldom that you find a tube TV that you can plug into your PC.
While there are tube TVs that are equipped with digital tuners that allows it to pickup DTV stations via the airwaves, they are still unable to display those that are of high definition quality. There are also so-called HDTV compatible tube TVs, but their price is almost the same as that of regular LCDs, therefore making them less attractive to buyers. The probable reasons for a consumer to consider buying tube TVs is the relatively low price and if he doesn’t find not being to watch TV programs in high definition.
The biggest technological change to impact the television manufacturing industry is the entry of the HD TVs. With pictures that are several times sharper and clearer than the traditional tube TVs, it has entirely changed the way people appreciate TV entertainment. HD TVs are also lighter and thinner than the tubes. With prices getting more and more affordable, switching from the tube TV to the HD TV is certainly a sound idea. It won’t be long before HD TVs become the standard television set in every house hold and offices.

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