HD TV: selecting your display type

With so many different HD TV being offered on the market, selecting what’s best for your viewing preference can sometimes become a complicated thing. While it is easier to choose what size you want based on the price and space where you plan to put it, selecting the display type is another issue.
HD TV come in four basic display types: LCD, LED, Plasma and Real-projection TV
LCD-based HD TVs come in sizes 19 inches to 65 inches. These are most ideal in bright rooms. The main advantage is that it uses less power than plasma displays. Also, LCD TVs are more affordable than its counterparts.
LED-based HD TVs vary in sizes from 32 inches and up. These TVs have better picture quality over LCD TVs. Plus, it consumes less power. LED TVs also comes in thinner panels because of its technological design. The only downside for this display type is the price. It’s quite expensive at the moment to own an LED TV, so this is only recommended for buyers who are willing to spend more bucks on a thinner panel and better quality.
Plasma-based HD TVs are currently being manufactured by companies like Samsung, Panasonic and LG. This is the ideal HD TV when intended for use in a dark room because of its known black-level performance. Some pictures or movies are best shown in a dark room, much like watching in the movie theater. However, plasma TVs are consume high power, so unless if you’re ok with that and have preference watching in dark room, this display type may not be the one for you.
Rear-projection TVs come in sizes starting at 60 inches and up. At present, only Mitsubishi manufactures these types of HD TVs. People who thirst for huge screens may want to consider this, along with the big price on the tag.

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