In search of the right HD TV

Shopping for a new HD TV for your home is not a stroll in the park. You could easily be overwhelmed with the number of available models. Add to the complication in choosing is the long list of features that would seem to get you nowhere.
Nevertheless there are some basic things that you can consider ahead before jumping into the more complex options. For instance, many people tend to neglect the room size where they want their HD TV to be placed. It’s not just about picking how big you want for the HD TV screen. You should well consider how big your room is and if the screen size is appropriate for it. you can ask the sales person for advice on the viewing distance given your room size, and he’ll be able to recommend the size range of HD TV that is best for you.
Budget is probably the next important thing to consider. How much are you willing to spend on that high definition viewing experience? The price range can run from as slow as $400 to as much as $5000. It depends on a lot of things, like size of the screen, special features that come with it, and other add-ons. It also depends on the display type, whether LCD, LED or Plasma. Setting the budget would help you trim down the list of models that you can choose.
Lastly, consider what’s your primary intention is for buying that HD TV. Is it for HD TV viewing? Watching HD movies? Gaming? This will help you decide what features you really need and what features you can left out when choosing the HD TV for you. You might need to get one with a high resolution rate and refresh rate if you plan to use it most of the time for playing your favorite game console. For HD TV viewing, you can go for the model with the minimum specs.

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